One Day in Florence

A view of Ponte Vecchio, 1 day in Florence

The birthplace of Renaissance and the epicentre of architectural masterpieces, Florence is packed full of history, fashion, art and cuisine. To allocate only one day to explore the capital of Tuscany is truly not doing the city justice. So when time is of the essence, it’s imperative to break down each hour meticulously.

How To Make The Most Of 24 Hours In Vilnius

The view of Gediminas Castle Tower from below on a clear day, Vilnius, Lithuania

If you hadn’t thought about visiting Vilnius in Lithuania, we urge you to reconsider. The sizeable city in the Baltic region makes for an ideal weekend getaway. With a charming Old Town, a thriving food scene and dark history from its Soviet and Nazi Germany occupations, 24 hours in Vilnius will give you a wonderful sample of an underrated destination.


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